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 Alumni honored for service, achievement

The University of Indianapolis Alumni Association recently presented its Distinguished Alumni Award to two Indianapolis residents, Tim Martin and Beenu Sikand, honoring them for their contributions to their communities, their professions and the university.

Distinguished Alumni Award Winner 2009 from University of Indianapolis: Beenu Sikand a UINDY graduate who has exceeded expectations in her profession and community
Beenu Sikand '99 has become a leader, role model, and mentor to many Indian immigrants in her community. She is one of the top Indiana Realtors with Century 21 in residential and commercial real estate. In addition to her success as a Realtor, She has an Insurance Agency and launched 'Guldusta' in 2006, a magazine used as a platform for South Asian businesses. She was not satisfied finding success solely for herself and her three children; she also strives for other Asian families to find success as they make the transition to Indiana. She helps other Indian immigrant families achieve home ownership, obtain jobs, as well as, provides information pertaining to schools, doctors, and other aspects of everyday life. She helps women and kids going through divorces, so they can build a life for themselves. She is involved in different agencies and organizations to help her community. Beenu serves as an inspiration to many for stepping outside of the box those most Indian women are raised to believe in. Purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding professional accomplishments or long standing devoted service in a chosen occupation or profession.  The level of accomplishment or service must clearly distinguish the alumnus or alumna among his or her peers. And Criteria of this award is  the individual must have rendered service to others in such a direct and profound manner as to have materially improved the quality of life for others over a significant period of time or achieved and sustained a significant regional or national reputation for accomplishments and service in a particular profession.

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